Visit to HOTMILK and GoGenetic’s going to Guarapuava


On Wednesday 26th, a delegation from CiIla Tech Park went to Curitiba to visit Hotmilk’s facilities and participate in GoGenetic’s event.

HOTMILK is PUCPR’s Innovation Ecosystem based in Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá and Toledo. The ecosystem seeks to strengthen, develop, and promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology for companies, startups, and society, just like Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem.

For the CTP team to get to know Curitiba’s HOTMILK and be inspired by the work developed by the ecosystem, the Head of Open Innovation, André Xavier, presented all the facilities, which have several startups, residents, spaces for meetings, lectures, rest and leisure, and exchanged information about how they work with P&D+I, Open Innovation, Accelerator and Incubator.

One of the startups installed in HOTMILK Curitiba is GoGenetic, whose purpose is to understand, discover and bring Agro, Animal, Soil and DNA solutions from genetic sequencing technology. In addition to touring GoGentetic’s labs, during the evening the CTP team attended the startup’s event to celebrate its 6 years and announce new projects.

One of the big announcements of the evening was that GoGenetic will move to Guarapuava in 2023. The startup will have a space next to Cilla Tech Park and will be inserted in the Genome Valley. According to co-founder Eduardo Balsanelli, the Go Genetic team found in Guarapuava a place of possibility for growth and an opportunity to seed the startup’s dreams. “We identified a second ecosystem that is extremely positive, a tutor for us to achieve our dreams and our goals, and this ecosystem caught our attention for not being concerned simply with how our business model is, how much we profit, or what our projection factors are, but simply that we have a common dream: to be able to take all this genetic information to transform people’s lives,” he said.

Lorenzo Jr., CTP Operations Director, spoke on behalf of the entire innovation ecosystem in Guarapuava, thanking the partnership and highlighting the importance of hosting such an award-winning startup as GoGenetic and how this proximity will bring benefits to the region and the Genome Valley.

Cilla Tech Park thanks HOTMILK and GoGenetic, for the opportunity to meet and be inspired by the work done in the innovation ecosystem of PUCPR so that the technology park can improve its actions and for the partnership, because we know that together we can provide the society with better futures.

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