On Farm Technology in the Guarapuava region


This Monday, 15th, the communication team from Cilla Tech Park followed the visit made by the Paraná Rural Development Institute that took researchers from the institute and from companies like Go Genetic, to the farms that use the On Farm technology.

The technology consists in the production of biological inputs on the property. These inputs, which are made from strains of bacteria and fungi, are used to combat pests and also work as bio-stimulants, strengthening the plants.

According to Gustavo Rickli, an agronomist engineer who created the first On Farm farm in the Guarapuava region, the use of this technique has shown to be efficient, reducing the need to use chemical products in the productions, making the process more sustainable, and because it is done inside the farm itself, it becomes cheaper.

Rafael Majowski, owner of another farm that has On Farm technology, started using this technology after realizing that his production was suffering from an excess of pesticides. “The system couldn’t handle the chemical load anymore,” he assured.

The On Farm technology is still new in the region and there is a lack of research to support the work of producers. The visit made by IDR-PR aimed to connect these agronomists and producers with researchers so that the technique can be improved and increasingly help production.

With the Genome Valley, the Cilla Tech Park has connected companies, institutions and people so that innovative solutions are developed and from this Go Genetic connected to the institute in the region.

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