CTP-connected startup participates in Rocket 2023


Governize é uma das startups participantes do Rocket. — Foto: Kauana Bechtloff/ RPC

Foto: Kauana Bechtloff/ RPC

Tomorrow, 16, the web-episodes of Rocket 2023 will premiere. RPC’s reality show about entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups, which has five categories: Agribusiness and Industry, Life, Management, and Retail.

The programs are available at rpc.com.br/rocket and also on Globoplay. In these first weeks of the 5th edition, the selected startups will go through a journey with talks, tests, and dynamics in web episodes worth a spot per orbit in the final.

One of the startups selected in the Management orbit is Governize, which offers the first and only all-in-one management system for bidders. This tool allows the democratization of public hiring in a clear and agile way.

With the coming of one of the members of the startup from Curitiba to Guarapuava, there was a search for insertion in the ecosystem of the region and thus they connected with the Cilla Tech Park. According to the CEO, Thiago Taura Cherbisk, after receiving indications about the Guarapuava tech park he got in touch with CTP’s New Business and Communications Manager, Krishna Lorenzo and in the conversation everything was moving forward.

“Our connection with Cilla was, in a way, the one that seems to be made by chance, with the indication of more than one person, I arrived in the person of Kri Lorenzo who was who attended me there for the first time and it was a pleasant surprise both from the structural point of view as from the personal point of view, the receptivity I don’t even have what to say, it was sensational”.

At the meeting, Krishna presented the possibilities and the paths that they could follow and the team decided to enter the incubation process at Evolve, the incubator of Campo Real University Center. Krishna also presented Rocket and the opportunity that a program like this could offer the startup and that’s how Governize ended up on RPC’s reality show. “The Rocket application I owe 100% to this conversation because I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t gone there (CTP), including she (Krishna) gave me a folder and because of the folder I entered the site and applied. Now, with this approval, I think it came at the best possible moment, considering the strategic moment we are living in the company, we are making some product changes and this could be the turning point we needed,” guarantees Thiago.

This is one of the roles of Cilla Tech Park, to connect people, seek ways to foster and develop the economy, seek opportunities to solidify the ecosystem. It is a great joy for the CTP to have a startup incubated in Guarapuava in the reality that will certainly open many doors for Governize and for the entire region.

If you also have an innovative idea or an innovative company, the New Business sector is open to receive you and find the best options for your project. Contact us through the CTP WhatApp (42) 98419-0712 and schedule a visit. Together we will provide society with better futures!

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