Mr. Odacir Antonelli receives the title of Honorary Professor of Unicentro


By Ana Laura Becker Zierhut

Reproduction: Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste

Cilla Tech Park team was present at the ceremony to award the title of Honorary Professor of Unicentro to Mr. Odacir Antonelli. The title, which is given to a personality who has contributed by his virtue, merit, or service in a significant way to culture, education, development, or humanity, was proposed by the former dean, professor Osmar Ambrósio de Souza, for all the contributions that Mr. Odacir has made to the education and development of the region and the state. The proposal was unanimously approved by the university’s council.

The event was attended by several authorities, teachers, university agents, and family and friends who talked about the importance of the work done by Mr. Odacir.

According to the Unicentro’s rector, Fábio Hernandes, Mr. Odacir is someone who “knows that to invest in education is to think about a better country, a more egalitarian future, a more just and fraternal society”.

Mr. Odacir is part of the whole idealization and construction of the Cilla Tech Park, which is one of the actions that collaborates with the development of higher education and education as a whole. The technology park works with universities to create a more innovative, sustainable, and technological society.

      Reproduction: Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste

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