NRE Guarapuava’s teachers get to know 3C+


The Directors and Coordinators of the technical courses of the Guarapuava Regional Center participated in Pizza Night at 3C Plus.

3C Plus is a startup focused on managing telephony operations and has as its mission to democratize access to IP telephony cloud tools in order to enhance operations and help companies achieve promising results. The startup grew 275% in revenue in 2022 and currently has over 100 employees.

The startup is a partner of Cilla Tech Park and seeks, as does the technology park, to help regional development. To change the reality of Guarapuava, besides the great offer of vacancies, 3C Plus wants to train and change the vision of young people about the possibilities they have after leaving high school. The startup’s CEO Ney Pereira, who studied in a public school in Guarapuava, hopes that students will see that it is possible to undertake and innovate here in the region.

With this goal in mind, and with the help of the CTP Innovation Barn team, 3C Plus provided a moment with teachers from NRE Guarapuava for them to understand the startup’s structure, explain their expectations with the connection with 3C Plus, and discuss how to bring innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to public school students. “We see that everyone has to have this opportunity to come and be able to have new experiences and education having positive results, education works like this, of positive partnerships with everyone working for the best of Guarapuava,” explains the Head of the NRE Guarapuava, Marlon Douglas.

Besides getting to know 3C Plus’ creative and colorful spaces, the group heard a bit about the history of the innovative company from the CEO and participated in a dynamic session led by the Head of People and Culture at the startup, Dani Louise. “I was delighted with the structure of a startup and amazed at the proposal, the opportunity to partner with public school and businesses. I think it is a great opportunity for us and for the companies as well”, says the Coordinator of the Technical Course in Electromechanics, Leandro Xavier.

For the Coordinator of the Technical Administration Course, Elisângela Tosetto, this connection of the NRE Guarapuava with 3C Plus opens many possibilities that will be great for the students. “It just takes a little bit for them to be in a new environment, which is what we dream for them, full of innovation, of technology, and this is not far from their reality, even though, sometimes, at school we talk about it, we have just seen that we can show in practice what we have for Guarapuava”, she concludes.

Cilla Tech Park connects partners for innovation and development to happen. The more students are close to this innovative movement, the more possible it is for us to provide society with better futures.

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