First Educa Show approaches innovation in education


This Friday the 29th, the City Hall of Guarapuava, through the Education Secretary, held the I Educa Show!

The event gathered more than 3 thousand education professionals, in addition to authorities such as the Secretary of Education, Professor Pablo Almeida, and Mayor Celso Góes. The Educa Show had the objective of recognizing and valuing the indexes achieved by educators of the municipal education system.

The Cilla Tech Park team was present at the event and enjoyed the several lectures about innovation in education that connect with the work done by the Innovation Center, which has projects aimed at students of different ages. As promoters of innovative environments, we believe that innovation should be worked from the base, it is with education that we can change reality and provide society with better futures. 

The event began with a lecture by Gil Giardelli, an expert in Digital Culture, who spoke about Digital Transformation in Education. The speaker praised all the work of the Secretariat of Education of Guarapuava. “It is a secretariat that is not only taking care of the software, but it is a secretariat that is taking care of the peopleware, the servers, the teachers”. 

After the lecture, Gil Giardelli also visited the Cancer Research Institute, Ipec, the City of Lakes trail, and also the headquarters of the Cilla Tech Park. “They are doing here in Guarapuava the true triad of innovation, with the private initiative together with education and together with government initiatives, making the society have more prosperity, more conditions, more equality and the Cilla Tech Park and the Secretary of Education are all together here in this fabulous place,” said the specialist. 

Still in the morning, the teachers had the lecture “Purpose: the change you make in the world” with the journalist and specialist in innovation, creativity, and new technologies, Marcos Piangers, who approached the importance of setting an example, of fatherhood, motherhood, and especially of education in the lives of children.

The afternoon started with a lecture by Dom Amilton Manoel da Silva, focused on the issue of Education and Spirituality. The last lecture was given by Professor Daiane Solange Stoeberl da Cunha, PhD, with the theme “Bodies in action: intelligible knowledge and sensitive knowledge in education”. She talked about traditional teaching and how it is necessary to change and innovate in the classroom so that students learn effectively. To end the event, with a relaxed tone, Juca Bala performed a show. 

The Educa Show is one of the important actions for the teaching staff to continue to be inspired and trained to bring more and more innovation into the classroom. 

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