Guarapuava’s NTI has new coordination


At the meeting of the Technology and Innovation Center, NTI Guarapuava, on Monday 06, the new coordination was presented to the members. The new coordinator is Antônio Rogério Szczepanik Júnior, the vice-coordinator Robson Krieger, the secretary Paulo Deoclécio Meister and the treasurer Felipe Karpstein Cardoso.

The NTI is one of the centers of the Associação Comercial e Empresarial de Guarapuava, Acig, and aims to develop the technology and innovation sector in the city.

The new coordinator, Antônio Júnior, is Business Director at 1 Bridge Solutions and has worked for approximately 20 years in the commercial area in the technology environment. According to Antônio, since he joined the NTI last year, he has been able to see the important work of the center for the region. “They are taking the name of Guarapuava to Paraná, to Brazil. And thinking about the success of the companies here, so that they can have more conditions to grow and solidify the business environment very much based on technology”, he explains.

Antônio took on the coordination because he believes in the core’s work and hopes to help this innovative movement. “My intention is to collaborate with this entire ecosystem so that it gets better every day, so that the NTI can maintain and improve its positioning as an institution for the entire business environment of the associates and the companies,” he says.

Cilla Tech Park is one of the NTI participants and collaborates with the search for a more innovative Guarapuava. Entrepreneurs interested in connecting to the core just need to be Acig members and, according to the new coordinator, be willing to participate and contribute to the ecosystem, bringing their experiences and ideas.

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