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In one of the rooms of Cilla Tech Park is located the coworking. A space where startups and companies can use to work, hold meetings, receive customers and connect, and are connected to the technology park, and can be together with the various actions and events held by CTP. Currently the companies Mahlok Films, Fuel Agência Web, and R. Design are already using the park’s coworking space.

This week, for the first time, we received a company from abroad to have a space here at the coworking. The Next Age is a software company that has offices in Curitiba, Paranavaí, Leiria in Portugal and now inside the headquarters of Cilla Tech Park in Guarapuava.

The company has 15 years of experience and works in the creation of applications, software and in the allocation of developers for other companies. Luis Fernando de Souza, Director of Controle na Mão, software for restaurants and bars that came out of Next Age, has been with the company for 5 years and is excited about the new workplace. “We had this opportunity to work here and we couldn’t deny it, so much so that I am leaving Curitiba, I will start living here to be together with the guys, initially with 5 people, but it is only the beginning”, he guaranteed.

According to Luis, the company saw potential growth in the city, a fertile ground for this branch. “We see that this is a very good place for this area of technology, and we see that there are few companies in this field, and this is an excellent opportunity for us,” he says.

Cilla Tech Park welcomes the company, especially the entire team that will be here with us and we hope that together we can provide society with better futures.

To contact NextAge just visit or on instagram @nextage

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