The Minister of State of Science, Technology and Innovations, Paulo Alvim, visits the Guarapuava Innovation Ecosystem


“The connection with the ecosystem has been made”, thus began Paulo Alvim, Minister of State of Science, Technology and Innovations, in his speech at the event Connection with Paulo Alvim about Guarapuava’s Ecosystem of Technology and Innovation.

The Minister’s visit to Guarapuava, this Monday, 05, aimed to present the activities related to innovation carried out in the region and seek this approach with the government so that more actions can be made possible for the benefit of the region’s society.

The morning program began with a visit to the Cancer Center, where the Minister’s entourage, accompanied by representatives of Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem, were able to see the hospital’s facilities and how innovation is being applied to the treatments already carried out and to those yet to be consolidated in the new structure. The Minister also visited the Guarapuava Cancer Research Institute, IPEC, where the researcher and president of the institute, David Livingstone Alves Figueiredo, made a presentation on the genetic research carried out at the institute.

At the end of the morning, the delegation visited the Cilla Corporate Tower, where the new headquarters of Cilla Tech Park will be. The directors, General and Operations, of the technology park had the opportunity to pass to the Minister Paulo Alvim all the actions taken by the park and the innovation ecosystem, as well as the reality of Guarapuava in the implementation of innovation in all areas. The morning ended with a visit to the UTFPR, Guarapuava campus, where the university’s incubator was presented, and how it has been working so that students have the opportunity to undertake and innovate during graduation.

During the afternoon, the Innovation Fair was held, where the five higher education institutions in Guarapuava, the Regional Education Center, the Sesi School, the Center for Assistance to the Deaf, CAS Guarapuava, the CCBEU Guarapuava, and the Cilla Tech Park displayed the activities they carry out, especially those focused on innovation and technology. Besides the representatives of Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem, several leaders from Guarapuava and region, representatives from the 26th GAC and the 12th GB, press and community attended the fair. The Minister stopped by each stand to see the innovative actions carried out by the students, teachers and members of the institutions.

At the end of the exhibition, the leaders and representatives of the institutions highlighted how Guarapuava has been developing in an innovative and technological way, mainly thanks to an ecosystem that works together with the same goal. Federal Deputy Luísa Canziani, one of the leaders who acted as a bridge between Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, said that Guarapuava has stood out nationally and internationally when it comes to innovation and that the ecosystem here has a differential. “What makes the difference in our ecosystem are our people and our talents, there is no point in having technology if we don’t have people”, he pointed out.

According to Minister Paulo Alvim, the ministry has already been following the actions of Guarapuava’s educational institutions, of the Cilla Tech Park, and of the Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum, of which the CTP is part, and now it had the opportunity to personally get to know this innovative movement. “At this moment we literally witnessed and visited the various good initiatives, a conglomerate of actions to support scientific and technological development that will now be seen with another look by the Ministry of Science and Technology, always in partnership with the state and municipal governments,” the minister assured.

According to our CEO of the park, Géri Dutra, the event as a whole was of great importance to be able to expose the actions of Guarapuava and the region. “With the samples, speeches, and visits, the minister could confirm what he had already heard about our innovation ecosystem, the minister made a point of being here to get to know, evaluate, and make this approach with the MCTI, so that we can receive this support and this support from the MCTI in future projects so that they can be materialized,” he said.

Cilla Tech Park together with the city hall, held this event because they believe that this coming of the minister benefits the ecosystem as a whole, because it gave the opportunity for members of the ecosystem to show the results already achieved and the great future potential of the region.

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