Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga visits Cancer Center and Ipec


Guarapuava received, on Friday 23rd, the visit of the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, together with the Federal Deputy and former Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros.

The delegation went to the Cancer Center and the Institute for Cancer Research of Guarapuava, IPEC. During the visit, the Minister was guided through the hospital’s facilities and was able to see the equipment that makes Cancer treatment possible and also the genomic research carried out by IPEC.

At the end of the tour, everyone concentrated on the part of the hospital still under construction, where they could watch a video of the future technologies and facilities that will be available inside the Cancer Center and the leaderships took advantage of the moment to deliver the city’s demands to the Minister. In his speech, Marcelo Queiroga called the Cancer Center one of the main oncologic centers in Brazil and stated that Paraná is an example for the country.

Cilla Tech Park and Ipec are part of the Genome Valley ecosystem, which focuses on genomic research and preventive health that according to the Minister are essential for the future. “It is fundamental, for the country’s project, for the Ministry of Health to invest in the Genomes Project because this is the vanguard, precision medicine is the future of public health,” the minister guaranteed. The Genomas Paraná Project enables the actions of the Genome Valley, by connecting academia, government and private initiative in favor of development in genomic research and artificial intelligence seeking to improve people’s quality of life.

The visit allows the government to get to know the work done in Guarapuava and invest in more research and equipment so that scientific and medical work can be done and serve the entire population of the city and the region.

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