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This Tuesday, 14th, the General Director, Geri Dutra and Operations Director, Lorenzo Jr., of Cilla Tech Park, participated in the launch of the 5th edition of Rocket held at the Vale do Pinhão headquarters in Curitiba.

Rocket is RPC’s reality show of entrepreneurship and innovation, where Startups compete in different orbits, categories separated by areas, such as Agro&Industry, Retail, Life, and Management.

At the launch, the winners of the last editions and representatives of the state’s innovation ecosystems were present. “At the event we presented the format and a bit of the history of Rocket, which is consolidated as one of the main support programs for the creation of startups in Brazilian broadcast TV, it was very interesting,” says CTP CEO Geri Dutra.

According to Geri, the ecosystem of Guarapuava and region did some dissemination actions last year, but he believes that this year it will be possible to increase the reach and have more startups enrolled in Rocket. “Participation gives these startups training, education, and mentoring that will make them more likely to succeed in our incubators and technology park here in Guarapuava,” he says.

Registration for the 5th edition of Rocket is already open. To participate in the reality you must be over 18, form a startup incorporated or not as a legal entity, and register until March 13, 2023, through the link When registering, it is necessary to fill in your details, include a slide presentation and the Pitch recording. In all, 40 startups divided into orbits will be selected by RPC production and a jury team.

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