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On Wednesday evening, 24, the launch of the 2nd edition of Inova Park was held at the Municipal Theater. The program is a partnership between the Guarapuava City Hall, the Emprime Program, Sebrae, and Cilla Tech Park. The goal is to foster the culture of innovation, provide opportunities for discussion, and put innovative ideas into practice.

The event was organized as a Talk Show and had a full audience of high school and college students. To open the speeches of the Inova Park Show, the Secretary of Economic Development and Innovation, Secretary of Innovation and Technology, and president of the Forum for Technology and Innovation, Savio Denardi, reinforced that the program encourages students to put ideas into practice and shows that innovation is something dynamic and is present in our daily lives.

The second speaker was Mayor Celso Góes, who commented on the possibility of innovating in times of crisis, as was the case of the Emprime Program, of which Inova Park is a part, which was conceived and put into practice during the pandemic to boost the economy in a moment of isolation. The Mayor ended by commenting on the Sanctioning ceremony of the Municipal Public Utility Law of Cilla Tech Park, held in the morning of the same day, which shows how the region is increasingly moving towards an innovative environment. “The technology park was recognized as public utility, we have the Genome Valley, and you with your ideas, bringing this to the discussion, will be protagonists of this,” he told the students.

Also present was the Coordinator of Science and Technology of SETI, Marcos Pelegrina, who commented on the new technologies that are already being applied, how new professions will still be created and that it is important that young people take advantage of opportunities like this. “It is very good to see this youth breathing innovation,” he declared.

One of the finalists in the first edition of Inova Park and a student from Colégio Agrícola, Amanda Venancio, talked about her experience and guaranteed that she will apply for the program again. “My experience with Inova Park was expansion, I could connect with people and brought me a self-esteem of knowing that I can do what I want, of course with a lot of study and hard work, we had many classes that prepared us”, she commented.

To finish the speeches of the first block of the Talk Show, the CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Geri Dutra, presented the technology park and the actions that are carried out together with the entire Innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava. “We are a private institution, but we are the Technology Park of Guarapuava. It is a great collective dream,” he stated. The CTP is an environment that promotes prosperity through innovation, and according to the CEO, the goal is for the innovation movement to be with the students and for them to participate in it. “Come join all of this and come be part of this future,” he concluded.

The second block of the Inova Park Show was focused on entrepreneurship and how Sebrae helps people who want to put their innovative ideas into practice. The CEO of the startup, Cristiano Machado, opened the block talking about his trajectory when he sought to become an entrepreneur and change his reality. Lucas Ceccon, a 16-year-old student who is already developing his startups, presented his experience in entrepreneurship and his ideas to keep evolving.

To finish the event, Thaise Amaral, Mentor, Business Consultant, and Project Manager at Sebrae/PR, presented how Inova Park works, from the first meetings, discussions, and mentoring that will take place until the program’s end.

At the launch, the registration period to participate in this training journey was officially opened. Registration runs until September 10 and can be made via the link:

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Images: Mahlok

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