Applications for the Youth Ambassadors Program 2023 are coming soon


Image: U.S Embassy

The Youth Ambassadors Program is an initiative of the U.S. Embassy that provides a free one-month exchange program in the United States for Brazilian students from public schools. The program seeks students with a leadership profile, who are engaged in entrepreneurship and/or social impact initiatives, and who have knowledge of the English language.

Cilla Tech Park journalist Ana Laura Becker Zierhut was a Youth Ambassador in 2017. During her participation, she was a student at the state school network and participated in English For All, a volunteer work offered by CCBEU Guarapuava, where students give classes to children aged 5 to 6 years old from the city’s municipal schools.

During the exchange, Ana participated in several dynamics about leadership and social impact. She got to know several NGOs in the cities she visited and got to know the routine of American students, besides living with an American family. “It was a unique experience, which opened my mind and took me out of my reality. Besides getting to know the actions that were done in the United States, I also got to know the different realities in Brazil by sharing everything with the other 49 youth ambassadors who went with me on the exchange”, she says.

This year, Ana Laura went to São Paulo for the program’s 20th anniversary event, where several Youth Ambassadors from all editions could get together to celebrate, but also to share their realities and experiences after the program and develop or improve social impact projects. “At the event, I was able to learn about the actions performed by several Youth Ambassadors and now, working at Cilla Tech Park, I shared the actions that are done at the Innovation Barn that are exactly focused on entrepreneurship and social impact,” she comments.

The Youth Ambassadors 2023 Program opens for applications this Friday, 12th, and to participate you just need to be between 15 and 18 years old, be a public high school student, have knowledge of English, and be currently engaged in initiatives of entrepreneurship and/or social impact in your community for at least 6 months. The link for the application will be available on the social networks of the U.S. Embassy.

“Anyone with questions and/or interest in applying can contact me on the Cilla Tech Park instagram And if you are interested but don’t have all the requirements yet, there is time to prepare for the next editions, don’t miss this amazing opportunity!”

Embassy website:
Instagram: @embassyua

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Ana Laura Becker Zierhut (in the middle with black jacket and beanie)                     Image: U.S Embassy

Image: U.S Embassy

Image: U.S Embassy

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