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The stages are not the only places that receive new technologies for the World Cup. Cities apply several innovations to improve and facilitate the stay of the fans.

In the 2014 cup hosted in Brazil, 4G internet networks were installed, the means of public transportation and airports were improved. According to Exame, the delivered and unfinished works add up to R$29.2 billion.
In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, according to the blog Engenharia 360, 495 new trains were made available and fans with World Cup tickets had access to free tickets.

Now in the 2022 World Cup, the main host city, Lusail, where the opening and closing of the World Cup will take place, is a smart city built from scratch in the desert. Smart cities, or Smart Cities, as defined by the Federal Government, are cities committed to sustainable urban development and digital transformation that operate in a planned, innovative, inclusive, and networked way.

In Lusail, the city’s innovative structure includes underground parking lots, water cabs, an artificial island, floating hotels, air-conditioned zones, and security technologies to guard the main streets. The city is already considered one of the most modern and sustainable in the world.

Lusail has automated and sustainable sewage treatment and recycling. In the smart city, sewage is treated and reused in the cooling of the site. The entire water and air distribution system is designed to reduce the use of carbon dioxide.

Qatar is equipped with 5G technology that allows for much faster and higher quality game broadcasts and communication. Besides the stadiums that have the cooling technology, in the cities, bars, restaurants, squares, hotels, among others, also count on this technology to maintain a pleasant temperature for tourists and players.

The structures assembled specifically for the Cup will be transformed at the end of the championship. A large part of the stadiums will give way to hotels and commercial complexes. In Lusail, the stadium will be converted into a center for public services and commercial activities.

In the construction and renovation of the host cities, in the last World Cups, a more sustainable and technological infrastructure has been considered, which provides fans and city dwellers with more comfort and quality of life. Guarapuava’s technology park is inside the City of Lakes, an intelligent planned district certified as a Smart City, which uses the molds of smart cities, offering a sustainable and technological space. Cilla Tech Park encourages the creation of these spaces so that better futures become increasingly possible.

Next week we will talk about innovation in sports.

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