Guarapuava is a leader in Entrepreneurship among medium-sized cities in the state of Paraná, points out the Connected Smart Cities Ranking


On Wednesday, 05, was released the result of the Ranking Connected Smart Cities which is developed by Urban Systems, in partnership with Necta and aims to map the cities with the greatest development potential in Brazil.

In this edition data and information were collected from 680 Brazilian cities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants. Guarapuava ranked 84th, gaining space among the 100 best in the country.
For the Secretary of Economic Development, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation and president of the Science and Technology and Innovation Forum, Savio Denardi, the result is of great importance. “It is a reason to celebrate, this ranking shows that we are on the right path, that the city hall together with the whole ecosystem, under the administration of Mayor Celso Góes, is joining forces to develop the city”, says Savio.

The study analyzes the cities focusing on the axes of Mobility, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Education, Energy, Governance, Technology and Innovation, Health, Security, and Economy. According to the Urban Systems study, the “Connectivity Concept” is the existing relationship between the various sectors analyzed and the concept of smart cities understands that development is only achieved when the city’s development agents understand the power of connectivity between all sectors.

In the rankings per axis, Guarapuava stood out in the Entrepreneurship category, which analyzes the Growth of Technology Companies, Technology Parks, Growth of Creative Economy Companies, Incubators, and Growth of Individual Micro Companies indicators. The city was ranked 18th in Brazil and with the third best score in the state of Paraná, behind Curitiba and Londrina, being ranked first among the cities with 100 to 500 thousand inhabitants in the state. The other two axes in which Guarapuava was among the top 100 were Urban Planning and Environment.

Secretary Sávio Denardi guarantees that the result in the entrepreneurship axis is a reflection of the intense work involving the Emprime Program. “It is a very robust program that reaches several areas, from credit, debureaucratization, assistance to the entrepreneur, training, and innovation. It is a range of products that help the entrepreneur to face the post-pandemic moment. So we are very happy with the result and we will go further and further”, he stated.

For Cilla Tech Park, the ranking shows that the efforts to fulfill the purpose of being an entrepreneurial environment, a promoter of prosperity and regional development through technological innovation, are giving results and the technology park will continue working effectively so that Guarapuava and the region appear increasingly with positive indicators like these.

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