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Photo: Ana Laura Becker                                                                            Photo: Kauana Bechtloff/RPC

One of the events that the Cilla Tech Park team followed during Viasoft Connect were the finals of Rocket 2022.

Rocket is RPC’s reality show of entrepreneurship and innovation, which had its 4th edition this year. On June 22 and 23 were the finals, where the winners were Zeno in the theme Rocket Again, Link Agro in Rocket Agro and Industry, Microduino in Rocket Life, Photofreela in Rocket Management, Papoom in Rocket Retail. In the playoff the finalists were Palma IOT, Citway and Agilizamed.

On the 24th, it was the grand final, where the thematic finalists competed against each other. The big winner was Papoom, a social commerce application that connects people from the communities to buy and sell products and services, besides being a network for these residents.

Rocket Final 2022 — Photo: Priscila Fiedler/RPC

The finals are available for viewing on the Rocket page on Gshow, and if you have a startup, consolidated or not, and want to participate in Rocket 2023, registration is now open. Rocket is the opportunity for you to receive mentoring and launch your innovative idea. To apply, simply go to and fill in your details, including a slide presentation and the Pitch recording.

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