CTP team has training with Mentto


This Thursday, 28th, our team had a training session with Mentto

Mentto is a startup that seeks to implement in companies and institutions an agile culture focused on innovation through tools and methodologies used by the most innovative institutions in the world such as Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.

The workshops were mentored by Christofer Tsen and Natália Gasque who, in the morning, worked with the team on Design Thinking, focusing on a problem and seeking innovative solutions.

In the afternoon the workshop was focused on planning and teamwork! The mentors proposed a dynamic of building a Lego city, where the CTP team planned, reviewed what was done, and adapted the planning as new needs arose until the project was finalized.

According to the Coordinator of Entrepreneurship, New Business, and Communication, Krishna Lorenzo, the methodologies discussed in the training helped to give a new vision for the work done by the team. “These are tools that we will apply in our day to day to improve our productivity and effectiveness” says the coordinator.

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