CTP and Fuel teams donate blood


By Ana Laura Becker Zierhut

On Tuesday the 10th, the CTP team and Fuel Agência Web went to the Hemocentro in Guarapuava to donate blood.

For our director of operations, Lorenzo Jr., donating blood is an act of empathy and he invites everyone to donate. The CTP team is in the habit of donating whenever possible, because we know the importance of this act that helps so many people.

According to the social worker of the Blood Collection Sector of the Blood Center, Maristela Sacks, the greatest need for blood is for types O+ and A+, because they are the types of blood with the highest incidence in the population, and O-, which has a lower incidence but can be donated to everyone. But all types are needed and collected by the blood center. Verena Mildemberger from Fuel also went to the blood center and reminds everyone that donating is an act of love.

In order to donate, the person must be in good health, be between 16 and 69 years old, minors must have the formal consent of their legal guardian, be well fed and hydrated, be rested, weigh at least 50kg, and present an official document with a photo. 

Call (42) 3622-2819 and schedule your donation with the Hemocentro de Guarapuava. Donate blood and save lives!

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