Cilla Tech Park team present in day two of Viasoft Connect 2022


The Cilla Tech Park team is participating in Viasoft Connect 2022 and yesterday, the 23rd, on the second day of the event, members had a full agenda of innovation and technology activities!











The morning started with the lecture The Dream Catcher by Geraldo Rufino, founder of JR Diesel, the largest company in Latin America in recycling and disassembly of vehicles. Geraldo told his story and showed his entrepreneurial trajectory.

Soon after the lecture the state’s innovation representatives signed, with the governor, the Program Digital Generation Paraná,
an initiative for the creation of courses to train software developers, seeking to capacitate more and more people in the direction of innovation.

The Cilla Tech Park team is participating in the event to share and learn a lot, seeking knowledge to build and prepare society for better futures!












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