Team CTP 111 is the winner of the Architecture Challenge for the new CTP headquarters


This Wednesday, 23rd, the award ceremony of the Architecture Challenge was held for the Campo Real University Center students, who designed the external decompression part of the new Cilla Tech Park headquarters.

In one month, under the supervision of the Coordinator and Professor of the Architecture and Urbanism Course at Campo Real, Gabriel Soares, the students got to know the demand, conducted an interview with the client, executed the project, and went through a double voting process. The members of the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava, who will have spaces in the new headquarters, voted for 3 favorite projects, classifying them as first, second and third place. Depending on the position the team won 3, 2 or 1 point.
The community at large could also vote for their favorite project online, and there were almost 4,000 votes. After the total sum of the votes from the ecosystem and the community, Team CTP111 came in 1st place, Team CTP103 came in 2nd, and Team CTP112 came in 3rd.

Djulya Szeuczuk, from the eighth period of Architecture and Urbanism at Campo Real is one of the participants of the winning team and, according to her, taking part in the contest was a great experience that brought a lot of learning, especially for working in a short period of time, with several specificities mixing technology and rest. “All the work we did was thinking about the aesthetics, the face, and the identity of the Cilla Tech Park. We thought from the logo, the neon, to the idea of innovation, technology, and not forgetting the coziness”, she said.

According to Djulya, the team designed the green area, with arboreas, shrubs and even medicinal landscaping. “We thought about our areas with umbrellas, rest area, leisure area, and our Tech area, which we couldn’t leave aside, most of our furniture was designed specifically for that space, we thought from the chair’s place, where it will be, how is the cover design, all those hexagons there thinking about Cilla’s logo”, she explains.

For the Coordinator and Professor of the Course, Gabriel Soares, the contest gave the students the opportunity to meet a real client and create a presentation model as in the great challenges of the area.
The challenge and the awards were designed to encourage the students’ creativity and innovation, and especially to motivate them, because even before they graduate they will already have a project applied at the headquarters of a technology park. “We are happy with the result, we are very happy that everyone liked it, we really designed with great care and dedication,” he concludes.

As all the projects were exceptional and had items and details that pleased the representatives of the Innovation Ecosystem, several of the 10 teams received honorable mentions for their great work.
Cilla Tech Park congratulates and thanks all the participants and teachers who believed in the project, who worked with great dedication so that together we can take innovation to more and more people, encourage creativity to flow and that this spreads into better futures for society.

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