Closing of the first edition of the Coonecta Program


On Thursday the 8th, a closing ceremony was held for the first edition of the Coonecta Program, a partnership between Sicredi Credit Cooperative Planalto das Águas PR/SP, Cilla Tech Park and the Regional Education Center, which benefited 2nd grade high school students from state schools in the municipality of Pinhão.

The participants, who were divided into three teams throughout Coonecta, created projects that encompassed cooperativism, sustainability, and innovation. In the grand final, after the speeches by representatives of the partner entities and after the dynamics and conversations about what had been worked on during the months of the program, the teams pitched their ideas to the judges, that is, they made a presentation to sell their product.

The winning team was Innovation Stars, which identified that in schools, where students receive a package of milk to take home, they often end up breaking the package because they have nowhere to put it, or use plastic bags that harm the environment. The solution found by the team was to use used jeans and banner material to make bags. “We discussed with the group and thought about all the realities, the more precarious ones, which were more complicated at the moment and could have a faster solution, that’s when the idea of the jeans backpack came up, that besides helping people who need to pick up milk, need to carry materials and can’t afford to buy a backpack, it will also reduce the pollution of the environment, because most of the time jeans are disposed of incorrectly” said Viviane dos Santos Alves, team member and student at the State School Professor Júlio Moreira. Each team member took home a Samsung tablet and 300 reais.

In second place was the team that created septic tanks, which not only treat sewage but also transform animal waste into fertilizer, and instead of using plastic water tanks, they would be made of used tires. Third place went to the team that designed cisterns to be placed in schools, thus reusing rainwater for cleaning school spaces.

For Marlon Douglas Pires, head of the Guarapuava Regional Education Center, joint actions like this one benefit and develop the students. One more partnership with Cilla Tech Park, with public schools, with rural schools, providing our students with the opportunity to innovate and grow as people”, he concluded. Fábio Peterlini, president of Sicredi Planalto das Aguas said that they support initiatives like the Coonecta Program because it meets the social pillar of the institution. “We work with two pillars, the economic and the social. The social pillar is what differentiates us, and this here is an action that goes towards bringing a better community, bringing positive impacts to the communities,” he assured. Geri Dutra, CEO of Cilla Tech Park talked about the importance of projects like this, because they encourage regional development and provide students with new realities and contact with innovation.

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