Closing of the 3D Workshop for students attended by Cras I


This Wednesday, 9th, the 3D Workshop was closed with the students attended by Cras I. The workshop was offered by the Innovation Center of Cilla Tech Park and the Xarquinho Social Assistance Reference Center, supported by the Repinho Group. The children and teenagers were able to develop and understand the whole process of making 3D models, having contact with technology and innovation.

According to Thaís Wouk, a social educator from the Social Assistance Department of Guarapuava, it was a great opportunity to connect the students to new tools. “The participation of children and teenagers from the Cras I’s Service and Strengthening of Bonds was very important, because it gave them the opportunity to have new knowledge about technology, this new world that is emerging. They were able to have a broad view of the 3D world, about technology, and about the applicability of these materials”, she said.

The classes were taught by the head Maker of the Innovation Center, Jhonnathan Ferreira, who was impressed with the students’ interest and ease of learning. “They thought outside the box, they were able to design things, I really liked seeing this in them, this interest in wanting to learn,” he pointed out. According to Jhonnathan, even the youngest children were able to develop the objects and were interested in each step. “Even in the more technical part, which is the most boring, they still enjoyed learning each point to be able to take the digital and put in the real thing the little things they were modeling”, he guaranteed.

In the closing, the Operations Director, Lorenzo Jr., emphasized the importance of the workshop for the students to have contact with these technologies and in the future understand and be part of the technology park. At the end a certificate of participation and the keychain that the students themselves designed and 3D printed was handed out.

Cilla Tech Park, Repinho Group and the Social Assistance Secretary of Guarapuava encouraged and supported the activity in order to bring innovation to children and teenagers, providing them and the society with better futures.

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