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On Tuesday the 13th, the Guarapuava 2035 Conference was closed. The ceremony was attended by leaders in technology and innovation and aimed to present the goals and objectives for the development of the innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava for 2035.

The Guarapuava Science, Technology and Innovation Forum, the main mobilizer of the conference, counts on 45 institutions that seek the ecosystem development. Sávio Denardi, President of the Forum, Secretary of Economic Development and Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, opened the ceremony talking about the forum’s trajectory, its growth and strengthening. Sávio also showed the importance of the Guarapuava 2035 Conference that aims to plan the future of Guarapuava. “This is a collective dream we are building,” he stated.

Joel Franzim Junior from Sebrae, an institution that assists the forum in activities focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, highlighted that Guarapuava has a fertile ground for development. According to Joel, the city’s differential is that people are believing in the project and are enabling local, integrated, and sustainable development.

Celso Góes, mayor of Guarapuava, pointed out the actions taken by the city government towards the innovative and technological development of the city, which are in line with the actions foreseen by the conference. This year, Guarapuava won the Sebrae Entrepreneur Mayor award, in the Innovation and Sustainability category, thanks to the virtual attendance project (SARA) and the Emprime Program, which brought innovation to the city’s health and entrepreneurs.

Geri Dutra, CEO of Cilla Tech Park, who came at the beginning of the year from Pato Branco to work in the technology park in Guarapuava, intensified Joel’s speech about people from outside looking at the city as a space of opportunities and wanting to settle here. According to Geri, the Conference played a key role in planning the future of Guarapuava, as clear and challenging goals were set, and for the CEO the most important thing is that the various institutions have signed a pact to make this a reality. “In essence, besides having a plan, it is to have the commitment of the institutions, the entities, and the entrepreneurs, to make this become a reality,” he concluded.

The closing ceremony also included a lecture by Silvio Barros, civil engineer and former mayor of Maringá, who presented the new innovation trends, actions that governments can apply to make cities more intelligent and sustainable. Silvio Barros congratulated Guarapuava for already taking many of the measures he suggests in his presentations.

At the end of the event, the members of the institutions that make up the CT&I Forum, signed the pact that contains all the proposals, plans and projects of the Guarapuava 2035 Conference.

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