Guarapuava’s Innovation Ecosystem receives André Telles


On Wednesday, 20, Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem received the visit of the General Superintendent of Innovation of the Paraná State Government, André Telles.

The agenda began with a visit to the Research Institute for Cancer, Ipec, where the Director of New Business and Research of the Jacto Group, Tsen Kang presented to the superintendent and the Go Genetics team, which was also present, about what is the Genome Valley and how genomic researches will innovate health, agronomy and industry. Tsen highlighted one of the Genome Valley’s lines, preventive health, which seeks to store and analyze genomic data so that people can avoid disease.

The Science and Technology Coordinator of the General Superintendence of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Marcos Aurelio Pelegrina, commented on the projects that are being developed and how they will move innovation in the state.

The delegation also received a tour of Ipec, guided by the laboratory’s Coordinating Researcher, PhD Kamila Chagas Peronni Zueli. Dr. Kamila showed the equipment and presented the projects that have already been carried out by the institute.

After the visit to Ipec, the delegation went to see the UTFPR facilities. The general director of the Santa Cruz Campus, Marcelo Granza, talked to the superintendent about the actions taken at UTFPR and by the other universities in the city so that students undertake and have support for their innovative ideas to become startups and consolidated companies. “Today in Guarapuava we have 5 Incubators, we are very aligned with the park (Cilla Tech Park) and we have an entrepreneurship program,” said the director to the superintendent, giving an overview of how innovation is in the region.

In the late afternoon, the superintendence’s entourage visited the Cilla Tech Park’s headquarters, got to know the Cidade dos Lagos neighborhood, where they could walk through the trail and the Cilla Corporate Tower, the new building that will host all the innovation in Guarapuava and region.

The General Superintendent of Innovation of the State Government of Paraná, André Telles, also participates tomorrow, 21, in some more agendas focused on technology and innovation in Guarapuava.

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