Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem participates in Summit 2022


This weekend, the Cilla Tech Park team composed by the Director of the Innovation Center, Isabela Queiroz, and the Coordinator of Entrepreneurship, New Business and Communication, Krishna Lorenzo, and representatives of the innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava, participated, with the encouragement of Sebrae, in the Startup Summit 2022. The event was held in Florianópolis and had a full program of innovation and technology. The Summit 2022 kicked off the events of Floripa Conecta, a movement connecting public and private initiatives and events in the city of Florianópolis and created with the purpose of strengthening the regional economic development as well as uniting the actors of technology, tourism and creative economy. The event started on August 4th and will end on August 14th.

The Summit had in its opening ceremony authorities such as the Mayor of Florianópolis, Topázio Neto, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Paulo Alvim, and representatives from Sebrae’s top management. The lecture that kicked off the event took place in the main plenary session and was fully booked, with almost 3 thousand people in attendance. Inovate: innovation as a way to leverage your company, by Shark Camila Farani, showed how innovation needs to be rooted in the culture of every company, regardless of its segment, and that it will be responsible not only for the survival but also the success of the business.

On the first day, the team also attended talks on how to retain talent in technology, lectures on funding through public funding and how to survive the dreaded “valley of death” for startups. The Coordinator of Entrepreneurship, New Business and Communication, Krishna Lorenzo, sees the mission as extremely important for building the areas of activity of the Technology Park, especially with regard to developing the culture of entrepreneurship in our region. According to Krishna, strengthening our ties with other successful innovation ecosystems, as in the case of Silicon Island in Florianopolis, provides us with a framework for the solidification of our own ecosystem.
“Learning from those who came and did it before us allows us to map and identify possible mistakes and possibilities, makes the work clearer; it gives us a north” he says.

During the second day, the team followed lectures and rounds focused on work in education and innovation. For the Director of the Innovation Center, Isabela Queiroz, it was very interesting to participate in these talks, because they connect with the work already done at the Barn. “That’s exactly what we do, which is to invest in the base, to make this culture in our teenagers, so they can reproduce and make their businesses much more innovative and with purpose”, she guarantees. One of the lectures that most caught Isabela’s attention was Wesley Barbosa’s, a professor of Neuroscience and founder of Become, who spoke about skills and competencies. Inside the Summit, the team could also visit several stands that presented products with innovative solutions in several areas.

Events like this broaden the knowledge of the members of our innovation ecosystem, giving them the opportunity to reproduce in our region the ideas and projects they learned about during the event.

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