Guarapuava Innovation Ecosystem participates in Hackathon in Realeza-Pr


On the 15th and 16th, the innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava participated in the Smart Cities Hackathon in Realeza, Paraná.

In the delegation of Guarapuava were present Isabela Queiroz, Director of the Innovation Center and representative of the Education Center of Guarapuava, Isabela Edling, academic and representative of Cilla Tech Park, Heverson Pereira, representative of Fuel Agência Web and the Center for Technology and Innovation, Moema França, representative of the Faculty Guarapuava and Gustavo Pinto, representative of Teorema Sistemas and Technology and Innovation Center. Cilla Tech Park and Sebrae made it possible for the team to participate in the event.

The Hackathon was held by the Business Association of Realeza, Aciar, the City Hall of Realeza, the Territorial Development Committee La Frontera and the Regional Innovation System of Southwest Paraná, SRI and provided to the participants a marathon of creativity and innovation, where teams participated in dynamics, conversations, exchange of ideas and experiences.

Focused on developing solutions to make cities smarter, one of the activities was to create a Startup. The Guarapuava team created Vidro de Volta, an app focused on glass recycling. “The app connects the resident with the collector to make the collection and correct separation of glass, providing residents with a kind of reward for separation,” explains Isabela Edling. On the first day of the event the teams thought about the problem and came up with the solution, and on the second day they went on to validate the idea and build the app. The team members had to present a pitch and then went through a selection of the best ideas. Out of 9 teams 5 were selected for the final and the idea of the Guarapuava delegation was one of them. The result will be out on July 30th.

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