Guarapuava’s Innovation Ecosystem takes second place in the Realeza Hackathon award


Last month, the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava participated in the Smart Cities Hackathon in Realeza, Paraná. During the event, held by the Business Association ofaleza, Aciar, the City Hall of Realeza, the Territorial Development Committee La Frontera and the Regional Innovation System of Southwest Paraná, SRI, the participants had the mission to create a Startup.

The committee from Guarapuava was formed by Isabela Queiroz, Director of the Innovation Barn and representative of the Education Center of Guarapuava, Isabela Edling, academic and representative of the Cilla Tech Park, Heverson Pereira, representative of Fuel Agência Web and the Center for Technology and Innovation, Moema França representative of Faculdade Guarapuava, and Gustavo Pinto, representative of Teorema Sistemas and Núcleo de Tecnologia e Inovação, created Vidro de Volta, an application focused on glass recycling, where people get in touch with collectors and are rewarded for recycling in the right way.

The team was among the top 5 and this Saturday, the 30th, they returned to Fortaleza to participate in the award ceremony that took place during the event Business Connections La Frontera 2022. The startup Vidro de Volta came in second place and the Guarapuava ecosystem took home a prize of 2 thousand reais. According to Agenor Felipe, Project Manager of Sebrae, one of the companies that supported the event, the ecosystem is developed from prepared minds and able to look at complex problems with technical skills and sensitivity to develop solutions, innovations and impactful businesses and therefore, the participation in innovation events is the way to acquire and develop skills and knowledge about innovation and innovative methodologies. “Congratulations to the team that represented Guarapuava in the Hackathon and brought the recognition home, this demonstrates the strength and capacity of Guarapuava’s ecosystem. May we replicate this case many, many times”, added Agenor.

Sávio Denardi, Secretary of Economic Development, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, and president of the Technology and Innovation Forum, also congratulated the team that represented Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem at the event. “They were in five people from different areas and they managed to come up with a project that was sustainable and that was the winner in this award. This shows the alignment, it shows that our people are prepared, that they are dynamic, that they are up-to-date, and, as a result, everyone from Guarapuava wins,” says Sávio.
Cilla Tech Park congratulates the team and supports initiatives like this, because they drive and motivate the innovation ecosystem to seek innovative solutions.

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