State Representative and Secretary of Innovation of Paraná, Marcelo Rangel, visits Guarapuava’s Innovation Ecosystem


On Monday the 13th, Guarapuava’s Innovation Ecosystem received the visit of the State Representative and Secretary of Innovation, Modernization and Digital Transformation of Paraná, Marcelo Rangel.
Marcelo and his entourage, visited the current headquarters of Cilla Tech Park, where they could understand the actions linked to the Genome Valley, as well as the space in the Cilla Corporate Tower, where the new CTP headquarters will be.
In the afternoon, the team headed to the Institute for Cancer Research, Ipec Guarapuava, which operates in genomic research and is a scientific platform in different areas at the service of researchers and companies. Marcelo Rangel was able to see the institute’s state-of-the-art equipment, which is fundamental for the application of methodologies in large-scale genomic analysis.
In the late afternoon, leaders and businessmen from Guarapuava and the region gathered at the Associação Comercial e Empresarial de Guarapuava, Acig, to present the actions of the ecosystem and were able to hear from Deputy and State Secretary, Marcelo Rangel, about the importance at the state level of the work done in the Guarapuava region and how innovation is thriving there. “It is an example for the entire state of Paraná, and I can go beyond, today the City of Lakes, the Cilla Tech Park, are an example for Brazil, because it is the result of a visionary vision, of courage, of entrepreneurship above all, but with a vision of innovation that is not seen in any other region of the country,” he guarantees.
According to Marcelo Rangel, the actions in the academic area, specific innovation, biomedicine, genome, entrepreneurship, and new business, carried out by the Guarapuava Innovation Ecosystem, may, along with the State Government, provide many opportunities and may reflect in examples for other regions of the state and the country.
“We are here with several examples of success and the State Government needs to replicate this to the maximum in our entire state, so it is for me a pride, an honor to be here representing the State Government in an extremely innovative city,” he concluded.
The Guarapuava Innovation Ecosystem appreciates the visit of Marcelo Rangel and his entourage. We believe that by working together we can provide society with better futures.

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