Cilla Tech Park welcomes former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Paulo Alvim as a guest advisor to the park






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Cilla Tech Park, Guarapuava’s technology park, is pleased to announce the appointment of former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations Paulo Alvim as a guest advisor of the Institution. The reception event took place on Monday, March 6, in the mini-hearth hall of the UTFPR Guarapuava and was attended by local and state authorities, as well as business and academic leaders.

During the event, the president of the Araucária Foundation, Ramiro Wahrhaftig, the businessman Odacir Antonelli, the secretary of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti), Aldo Bona, the mayor of Guarapuava, Celso Góes, the director of the UTFPR Guarapuava Campus, Marcelo Granza, the secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Guarapuava, Savio Denardi and the president of the Brazilian Society of Microelectronics (SBMicro), Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz Aylon and the former minister himself Paulo Alvim spoke about the importance of Cilla Tech Park for the economic development of the region and how the new member will add to the ecosystem.

According to the Seti Secretary, Aldo Bona, the invitation that Mr. Odacir Antonelli asked the former minister, Paulo Alvim, to join the Cilla Tech Park team will bring results in the short term and will be very important in the consolidation process of the Guarapuava technology park. “It is an important acquisition, it is a person who comes to add to the team of Cilla Tech Park with all his experience and experience of more than 40 years working with the system of Science, Technology, and Innovation in the country, who brings a network of contacts, in addition to his network of knowledge, very important that can help Cilla to prospect business, to attract enterprises”, he said.

The event was presented by Cilla Tech Park’s Operations Director, Lorenzo Jr, who emphasized the relevance of appointing Paulo Alvim to the technology park’s team. With vast experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, the former minister has much to contribute to the growth of the companies connected at Cilla Tech Park, as well as to the development of the innovation ecosystem as a whole. “As recently as December 2022 I was sounded out if I would like to contribute to this movement in the state. The conversations continued and materialized in the challenge to join the Cilla team as another collaborator who can help the two movements in Guarapuava. The Cilla Tech Park and Genome Valley, strong hubs in the state’s ecosystem. With a focus on bioinformatics and innovative entrepreneurship there is no way to say no to a challenge like this. I hope to be able to add to this synergistic effort in favor of inclusive and sustainable development,” he concluded.

The Cilla Tech Park team is excited to welcome Paulo Alvim and hopes that his presence will help to further boost innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship initiatives in the region, thus providing society with better futures.

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