Cilla Tech Park and Mentto sign Broad Cooperation Agreement


On Thursday, the 12th, Cilla Tech Park and Mentto signed the Broad Cooperation Agreement, with the goal of jointly developing entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

Mentto, a company specialized in solutions for business transformation, in an agile and innovative way that, according to the CEO and Founder of the company, Tiago Goulart, stands out for promoting the direction and application of methodologies and tools for better business management, having the human factor as a pillar.

CTP and Mentto have had partnerships since 2021. Mentto played a fundamental role in building the Purpose, Vision and Values (PVV) and the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) of the Genome Valley, both of which help align ideas and guide the actions and behaviors of the members. He also built Cilla Tech Park’s PVV and conducted trainings with the CTP team, which provided a rich brainstorming and organization of ideas, and now make the partnership official with a broad cooperation agreement.

“This agreement not only formalizes all the work that has already been done over two years, but also establishes the guidelines for new development projects, innovation, new business, and fostering entrepreneurial and business activity, aiming to promote economic and social growth for the region,” guarantees Tiago Goulart.

During the training held at the CTP, the entire team was able to prove the quality and effectiveness of the methodologies applied by Mentto. Mentoring was essential for the team to understand the demands, desires, and needs of the technology park and the path to a more effective communication, besides bringing the whole team closer during the dynamics.

For the CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Geri Dutra, the approach between the park and Mentto will enable, for Guarapuava and the region, access to content related to innovation, through training, immersions and various other types of actions, with the aim of spreading the culture of innovation.

“This support, with training and mentoring, will give people the support they need to start or evolve their projects and in their areas of activity,” said Geri.

With the challenge of consolidating the innovation ecosystem Genome Valley, Mentto comes as an ally of the park to collaborate in the development and execution of programs and projects of research, innovation, and promotion of entrepreneurial and business activity.

Cilla Tech Park believes that with an ecosystem with aligned ideas and purposes it will be possible to provide society with better futures.

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