Cilla Tech Park and Mark-se sign partnership


Last week, Cilla Tech Park and Mark-se Marcas e Patentes signed a memorandum of understanding. The company, based in Foz do Iguaçu, works with brand protection and management and now has a branch office in Guarapuava. According to the Business Director of Mark-se Guarapuava, Josielly Lima Guimarães, companies are often unaware of the importance of this protection, especially at this time of technological evolution and how it can be a business accelerator. “Our job is to bring content, protection, strategy to those who believe in our business solutions! We are not just a trademark registration company, we are the entrepreneur’s opportunity to grow and accelerate his business in an assertive and armored way”, says Josielly.

Mark-se counts on innovative solutions, such as the use of the Wall-i robot that scans the internet and social networks looking for other brands that clash with the client’s and keeps a 24-hour watch over the improper use of brands. These actions connect with the goals of Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem to bring new solutions that provide better experiences for the population, and with this the company saw the opportunity to join the technology park. “We have an innovation hub and the partnership with Cilla tech Park is of utmost importance, first to help us promote awareness and content generation within the scope of Intellectual Property, in a way taking differentiated content to the ecosystem and, second, it is important so that we can make our solutions viable for all partners, customers, and the entire community”, guarantees Josielly.

The memorandum ensures that both parties can help each other and with the partnership Mark-se will work with Cilla Tech Park’s brands, to ensure protection and business quality and that together we can provide new futures for our region.

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