Cilla Tech Park and Inmove sign partnership


This Monday, 10, Cilla Tech Park and InMove signed a memorandum of understanding. Startup Inmove Digital Media in-Car works with advertising dissemination inside the app cars. “We install a 10-inch screen on the passenger seat headrest, where this screen runs ads from 15 to 30 seconds in HD, to show brands, companies and businesses from Guarapuava to everyone,” says Gilmar de Oliveira Ribeiro, founder of Inmove. Today the ads made available by the startup reach around 40,000 passengers per month, providing great visibility for local businesses.

In the act of signing the memorandum of understanding, signed the partnership the General Director and the Coordinator of Entrepreneurship, New Business and Communication of Cilla Tech Park, Géri Dutra and Krishna Lorenzo, and the partners of Inmove Gilmar de Oliveira Ribeiro and Thiago Augusto Palm. From now on, with the memorandum with the technology park, the startup will have access to a network of contacts, scientific technical support, and support for it to grow even more. “It ends up being very important our partnership with the CTP due to the visibility that the park brings, because wanting it or not it is an innovation ecosystem in the city, it is a gateway to technology in the city, to show Guarapuava even to the rest of Paraná and the rest of Brazil,” assures Gilmar.

The memorandum ensures that both parties can help each other and with the partnership Inmove will disclose the Cilla Tech Park so we can reach more people and together we can provide new futures for our region.

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