Cidade dos Lagos and Ligga Telecom sign contract to install 5G


On Thursday the 4th, the Ceremony for the signing of the 5G contract between Cidade dos Lagos and Ligga Telecom was held.
The event made Cidade dos Lagos official as the first planned and intelligent neighborhood in Brazil to receive this technology. According to Wendell Oliveira, CEO of Ligga Telecom, 5G will transform the reality of people, the city, and companies. “We are very happy to be anticipating and bringing this to Guarapuava, which makes perfect sense, since it is a city that already has a vocation for technology and innovation,” he says.

At the ceremony, Guarapuava’s leaders and representatives from several business institutions and the city’s innovation ecosystem were present. Leonardo Mattos Leão, Chairman of the Board of Cilla Tech Park, presented the technology park, the important actions carried out with young people by the Innovation Barn, and emphasized how 5G will contribute to regional development, one of the goals of Cilla Tech Park. “Much more than data speed, 5G brings speed of development, brings speed of progress, makes the economy turn, and consolidates Guarapuava as a major national center of development and technology,” guarantees Leonardo.

At first, according to Ricardo Montanher, Ligga’s B2B Sales Director, the companies will be the most benefited by the installation of 5G, because the technology will improve their work, giving speed and efficiency to the machines. Institutions such as the Cancer Research Institute, Ipec, and the Hospitals located in the neighborhood will benefit from the storage capacity and exchange of data needed to conduct research and exams, which will benefit all of society. Besides the entire structure of the City of Lakes, over time, individuals will also benefit from 5G, not only with the creation of new technologies, but also with the results of actions developed by research institutes, companies and universities.


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