CEO of Cilla Tech Park talks about startups with Software Engineering academics


By Ana Laura Becker Zierhut

On Monday the 16th, the CEO of the park, Géri Dutra, talked with the students from the Software Engineering course at Campo Real University Center.

In the conversation, Geri presented Cilla Tech Park and the Genome Valley to the students. He focused, mainly, on the creation of startups, encouraging students to think about entrepreneurship and to participate in public calls that encourage these innovative ideas.

According to Isabelle Cordova, professor of the course, our CEO’s speech is very important for the students to get to know Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem and seek entrepreneurship. “The idea of the software engineering course is to create entrepreneurs, so together with the incubator and the courses we already bring this idea of entrepreneurship into the course,” adds Isabelle.

After the lecture, our CEO signed the term of commitment with Evolve incubator of Campo Real University Center. This term is in line with the proposal that all incubators in the city have a professional working model, so that they receive companies in their early stages and during their evolution they can use the facilities of the technology park.

“Incubators help so that the company has good practices and has support in the initial stage. This partnership with Campo Real’s incubator is very important because it will help companies succeed, scale, and become consolidated companies,” says Géri.












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