Innovation Center at the RPC Summer.


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Over the weekend, the Cilla Tech Park team, through the Innovation Center, participated in RPC Summer. The project provides a lot of fun and knowledge during the hottest time of the year.
Held at the Ukrainian square, the event featured dancing, music, games, face painting, food, and at the CTP booth, activities such as Led Way, 3D Modeling, and Electric Boat, which stimulate creativity, an indispensable skill for the Innovation process.
In the activities, the children were able to explore a diversity of knowledge, from coloring a drawing allied with the functioning of LED and a battery, to building a little boat using MDF, Styrofoam, and electronic components and seeing its operation in a swimming pool. As well as knowing the applicability of a 3D printer, which goes beyond the production of accessories such as dolls, keychains, but also its important function at the time of entrepreneurship and problem solving. “Innovation is something that should be worked on from a young age to enhance the formation of an increasingly developed society,” assured the Director of the CTP Innovation Center, Isabela Queiroz.
Besides the Activities for children, the families were able to learn about the other actions and projects developed at the Innovation Center to foster this culture from the base and the Cilla Tech Park projects that seek regional development.
For Isabela, the participation in events, such as Verão RPC, provides an opportunity to intensify the actions developed by the Innovation Center for the largest number of people. “Our projects aim for a creative journey, bringing themes such as entrepreneurial education, sustainability, innovation broadening the horizons of possibilities,” she concludes.
Cilla Tech Park thanks RPC for the invitation and the opportunity to together provide society with better futures!

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