UTFPR Guarapuava Campus offers entrance exam for the first time


The Federal Technological University of Paraná, UTFPR, for 13 years has only used the Sisu as a means of entry. This year, 2023, the University returns with the vestibular, offering one more possibility for students to enter the courses at its 13 campuses. There are 3,006 vacancies in 107 UTFPR undergraduate courses. According to the General Director of the Guarapuava Campus, Marcelo Granza, the vestibular enables a relationship with the community and values regional students.

As the Guarapuava Campus is more recent, it will be the first time that the exam will be applied in the unit. For the city there are 114 vacancies, divided among Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Internet System Technology, and, new in 2023, Mechatronic Engineering.

The vestibular will allow students to take the exam both for the courses offered at the Guarapuava Campus and for the courses that are available in other cities. The student will be able to select two course options at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment should be made on the registration page, from March 27 to May 9, and will cost R$150. Candidates who can prove they cannot afford to pay can apply for a fee exemption until April 12.

During registration, the candidate must choose one of three modalities: wide competition, quota, or trainee. Quotas are aimed at students who have attended all of high school in public schools. Places are reserved for candidates with a per capita gross family income equal to or less than 1.5 minimum wages, black, brown or indigenous people, and people with disabilities.

The exam will be held on June 4th, at 2 pm, and will last 5 hours. The multiple-choice part will cover general knowledge and, in the case of the Guarapuava Campus, mathematics will have a greater weight because of the characteristic of the courses offered, besides the writing.

Applicants with disabilities or with specific educational needs may request adaptations. For these candidates and for breastfeeding mothers, it will be possible to request an additional time of 60 minutes for the exams.

The UTFPR Guarapuava Campus management stresses that as a federal university, the courses are 100% free of charge and offer several possibilities of scholarships for research, monitoring, and extension projects, as well as aid opportunities for its students. All UTFPR students pay only R$ 3.50 at the University Restaurant.

Granza highlights that the university goes beyond the courses, UTFPR encourages entrepreneurship and contains the subject in the curriculum, has an incubator for students to have support in developing their innovative ideas, has junior enterprises that are non-profit civil associations, formed by students and supervised by teachers, which provide services and develop projects that contribute to regional development and the country.

The UTFPR is one of the Techno-scientific Founders of Cilla Tech Park, which enables, especially for the students of the Guarapuava Campus, a connection with the actions of entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology and innovation of the technology park.

To learn more about how to participate in the vestibular, access: vestibular page.

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