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Yesterday, 19, in the Sebrae space in the Winter Show, was held the ceremony of the Signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Cilla Tech Park and the Regional Bank of Development of the Extreme South. More than 50 people, among leaderships, representatives of partner institutions, of the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum, and of the educational institutions followed the event.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation and president of the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum, Savio Denardi, opened the event by presenting the CT&I Forum. In his speech he congratulated all the members for the work developed and showed the results that benefit not only the city of Guarapuava, but the entire region.

Sebrae’s Project Manager, Agenor Felipe Krysa, talked about the Guarapuava 2035 Conference, which aims to promote research, debate and construction of projects for the social and economic development of Guarapuava. The book CG 2035, which compiles the proposals and directions for the construction of an innovative and sustainable city, as well as the structuring of the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava, was delivered to those present.

In view of all the activities and mobilizations of the CT&I Forum and CG 2035, the Director of Operations of Cilla Tech Park, Lorenzo Jr., stressed the importance of the technology park for the realization of the proposals. “Cilla Tech Park is where the seed will be planted for us to be able to transform ideas and papers into invoices, that’s what the park exists for,” he concluded.

To officially begin the moment of the signing of the term of cooperation, the president of the CTP, Leonardo Mattos Leão, celebrated the work of the technology park that has acted effectively, bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to the population of Guarapuava and region and also stressed the importance of the partnership with the BRDE. “We still have a region of municipalities very needy of investment and perhaps this term of cooperation, can be the springboard for the BRDE to permeate its tentacles, through important investments for Guarapuava and for our entire region”, he commented.

The president of BRDE, Wilson Bley Lipski, took the floor to present the bank, its growth, and values. According to Wilson, the BRDE is the biggest on-lender of the innovation line in Brazil and has a green fund, aimed at supporting initiatives that seek to reduce social vulnerability, and stated that it intends to apply it in Guarapuava and the region. The president closed his speech by signing the partnership with Cilla Tech Park and with the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava. “I don’t want to be just a partner, I want to be your strategic partner, and I want this to be something for the whole region. It is in this regionalized way that we will develop our Paraná in a consolidated way”, he concluded.

Signed the Cooperation Agreement between BRDE and CTP, the president of BRDE, Wilson Bley Lipski, the president and directors of Cilla Tech Park, Leonardo Mattos Leão, Géri Dutra and Lorenzo Jr., the businessman Odacir Antonelli, the president of Agrária, Jorge Karl, the secretary of Science Technology and Innovation, Sávio Denardi and the regional manager of Sebrae, Joel Franzim Junior.
BRDE delivered a certificate to Agrária Cooperative, Cilla Tech Park and Santa Maria, which according to Wilson Bley, represents the mutual collaboration for the development of Paraná and the southern region of Brazil. “You are very important to us, always count on BRDE,” he closed.

At the end, councilmen Bruna Spitzner and Nego Silvio took the opportunity to present Guarapuava’s PL focused on Innovation, which seeks to put into practice some public policy initiatives foreseen in GC 2035.

The Director of the Innovation Barn, Isabela Queiroz, announced, along with representatives of higher education institutions and the Regional Education Center, Educatech, an event of the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava that brings science, technology and innovation to students of the city and the region, which this year will be held on November 24th and 25th.

The ceremony closed with a speech by Sebrae’s Regional Manager, Joel Franzim Junior about Sebrae’s strong partnership with Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem. According to Joel, Guarapuava stands out in the innovative and entrepreneurial profile and the manager said that he has not seen anywhere else in the state, such a strong and consolidated movement.

Events like this show that the technology park has fulfilled its purpose of being an entrepreneurial environment, a promoter of prosperity and regional development through technological innovation, valuing human talent and relationships of trust and together with the entire ecosystem, we build better futures.

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