Life Associates and Founding Maintainers of Cilla Tech Park participate in Ideathon


This Wednesday the Ideathon was held with the lifetime associates (Repinho, Cidade dos Lagos, Guarapuava City Hall) and the maintaining founders (Faculdade Guarapuava, Dalpozzo, Sicredi, Vuello) of Cilla Tech Park. The Ideathons are innovation days that seek to solve a problem or improve a process.

Aiming to integrate the companies and align the understanding of what the technology park is, Cilla Tech Park together with Sebrae provided an afternoon full of activities, dynamics, and a lot of networking. According to Joel Franzim Junior, regional manager of Sebrae, it is essential to have an alignment of objectives. “This methodology that we work with at Sebrae is precisely to make the members have a specific vision, very close to the ideal, and from this to build a strategic plan, that we have a great understanding of the role of the park and all the importance it has for the companies involved, but also for the society”, he guaranteed.

To have this understanding and the feeling that they are part of the same ecosystem, the Ideathon started with a dynamic presentation, where each representative of the companies could speak their name, where they were from, and their expectations for the event. For Suzieli Patricia Mudrek Bail, People Management Analyst of Repinho Group, one of the Life Associates, the integration provided by the Ideathon is extremely important. “One thing that really caught my attention was the issue of belonging, I only feel I belong to something that I understand and that I can really participate in and build upon, so it’s a very cool initiative aiming at the gigantic growth that is still to come”, she added.

The afternoon followed with speeches by Agenor Felipe Krysa, Sebrae’s Project Manager, Geri Dutra, CEO of Cilla Tech Park, and Savio Denardi, Secretary of Economic Development and Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation and President of the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum. They presented what innovation ecosystems are, what the Genome Valley is, how companies can and should collaborate with this environment, how innovation happens, what actions have already been taken and what are Guarapuava’s projects for 2035, among other topics that are part of the actions of the technology park.

According to Professor Fabrício Duda, director of institutional relations at the Faculdade de Guarapuava, one of the founding institutions that maintain the CTP, the event was dynamic, made it clear who the agents that are involved are, and showed in which direction the ecosystem is heading. “I like very practical things, and, many times, I see that things only remain in the field of theory, and today, this event had this characteristic of showing where we are, what has been done, and where we are going, and, even better, how we are going to get to where we want to be,” she said.

The event closed with the presentation of the groups about the problems identified, and each company won a 3D trophy built at the CTP’s Innovation Barn. According to Geri Dutra, CEO of Cilla Tech Park, the dynamics carried out during the Ideathon were important to raise doubts, possibilities, suggestions, and requests so that Cilla Tech Park can give a feedback to the companies and to the society.

Cilla Tech Park believes that with this understanding of what is the technology park and the ecosystem that they are part of, it will be possible to provide society with better futures.

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