Approved Law Project that declares Cilla Tech Park as Municipal Public Utility


Image: Câmara Municipal de Guarapuava

On Monday, 08, was held the vote on the Bill of Ordinary Law (L) No. 48 of 2022, authored by Councilwoman Bruna Spitzner, which declares Cilla Tech Park as Municipal Public Utility.

Councilwoman Bruna Spitzer, when asking for the approval of the project of her authorship, said that Cilla Tech Park comes to demystify what innovation is and makes it accessible to all, especially meeting the needs of those who need it most in the region. “This declaration of public utility comes in the sense of getting more resources, Cilla Tech Park is non-profit, but it is to expand the look of society and also to move the projects that will contemplate and return to society what we invest inside our technology park,” he guarantees.

The President of the City Council, João Napoleão, asked for the speech and highlighted the importance of the park for society, characterizing it as a dream and a breakthrough for the city. “The Cilla Tech Park is not from the City of Lakes, it is from Guarapuava, it is from the region, it is from the State of Paraná, it is from Brazil,” he pointed out. Napoleão congratulated the park’s team for their work, which has been benefiting the entire region.

After the councilors’ speeches, the bill was approved, and according to the CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Géri Dutra, this is very important for the future of the technology park and also of the Vale do Genoma. “This increases the forms of access to resources, and it is also very important so that actions can be taken in various directions, especially in issues of social and entrepreneurial mobilization,” he says.
The Cilla Tech Park team accompanied the entire session to honor this achievement of the park and especially of the entire society of Guarapuava and region. It is projects and actions like this that enable the Guarapuava technology park to increasingly prepare society for better futures.

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