André Telles talks to representatives of Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem


On Thursday the 21st, the second day of the visit of the General Superintendent of Innovation of the Paraná State Government, André Telles, a meeting was held at Cilla Tech Park’s headquarters, together with the Guarapuava Science, Technology and Innovation Forum, with representatives of the city’s innovation ecosystem.

The meeting aimed to present to the superintendent who were the active members of the ecosystem and what actions are being taken to foster innovation in Guarapuava and the region.
The conversation was mediated by the park’s Operations Director, Lorenzo Jr. and included speeches by the Chief Director of Cilla Tech Park, Geri Dutra, who introduced the forum to the superintendent, stressing the importance of this joint work between institutions for innovation to happen comprehensively and effectively. “The technology park only exists because of this mobilization, this is all possible with the ecosystem working together,” said Géri.

The coordinator of the Emprime program and city hall representative, Ana Cláudia Klosouski, pointed out that currently 41 institutions are linked to the CT&I Forum and more are getting closer to work together promoting regional development.

Also speaking were the Secretary of Education of Guarapuava, Professor Pablo Almeida, on behalf of the city hall and the secretaries present, the councilwoman and accounting representative of the CTP, Bruna Spitzner, on behalf of the councilmen, the founder of Fuel Agência Web, Heverson Pereira, representing Nevalley, a community of startups in the region, and the Center for Technology and Innovation, and businessman Vilso Dubena, representing the City of Lakes.

At the end, the General Superintendent of Innovation, André Telles, made a presentation about innovation and technology, showing the paths and goals of innovative practices. Telles, who during the two-day visit could get to know the structure and the institutions of Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem, congratulated the representatives. “I was very well received in Guarapuava, it was a pleasure to be here in this municipality and verify how much the innovation ecosystem is really developed. The Genome Valley as a reference in Health Tech, in technology for health, genetic study, in addition, all the evolution regarding the Cilla Tech Park, which offers an environment that promotes innovation, that connects the main agents of innovation in Guarapuava, so Guarapuava is to be congratulated for the work and how much it has been evolving in terms of innovation ecosystem,” stated the superintendent.

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