Students from Turvo learn about the Lab of Ideas project


This morning, 7th, the Director of Operations, Lorenzo Jr., the Director of the Innovation Barn, Isabela Queiroz and the Advisory Director, Cleverson Salache, went to Turvo to present the Ideas Lab.

The team started the conversation with the students applying a dynamic, where questions about entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership profile appeared and they answered on the cell phone, and the results appeared on the screen at the same time. With the activity, the directors made the presentation of the project, which is aimed at second year high school students who are interested in changing their reality and in becoming entrepreneurs.

“The act of being different takes you forward, there are no different results if you always do the same thing”, says Cleverson Salache.








One challenge was to present yourself in front of everyone and talk about your hopes for the future. João, Rayssa and Maria Eduarda were the students who accepted and told what they intend for their professional lives.

Applications are open, and the selected students, from the state schools of Turvo, Professors Edvaldo and Maria Janete Carneiro, and Edite Cordeiro Marques, will take part in an immersion in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. They will participate in the CTP, with students from Inácio Martins, every Tuesday in workshops, workshops and lectures on the topics.

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