Students from Colégio Sesi visit Cilla Tech Park


This Monday, 03, Cilla Tech Park received the visit of 80 students from Colégio Sesi. The students got to know the spaces of the Innovation Center and the Sebrae Hub that are inside the CTP headquarters. According to the Professor of Colégio Sesi, Pablo Auda, bringing the students to this innovation environment is very important. “The technology, the issue of knowing new things is what will add knowledge, especially in this phase of high school, so they will bring this to life and it is wonderful to listen to new people, to know new places and to know where this technology and knowledge is being experienced,” he said.

The CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Geri Dutra, talked to the teenagers about the structure of a technology park, the actions involving innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship that are linked to the CTP, and about the Genome Valley ecosystem.

The Pedagogical Advisor of the CTP Innovation Center, Isabela Edling, and the 3D Analyst, Jhonnathan Ferreira, talked about the Center’s actions that connect educational methodologies, 3D modeling, with innovation and entrepreneurship. At the end, Isabela led a dynamic with the students, about teamwork.

After hearing from the CTP team members, according to the 2nd year high school student, Murilo Kulka Pavoski, he understood that the Cilla Tech Park is very important for the development of the city and enjoyed the visit to the headquarters. “It was really cool, getting out to see new things, I had no knowledge of the park before, so for me it was a very good first impression experience,” he finished.

Victória Maria Teodoro, also a sophomore, said the visit was beneficial. “I had a very cool experience, which can add a lot to us, especially as Sesi students who are constantly getting involved with technology and Guarapuava as a growing city,” she said.

Cilla Tech Park thanks the visit of the students and teachers of Colégio Sesi Guarapuava and invites everyone, who is interested in having contact with the innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava, to contact by WhatsApp (42) 984190712 and schedule a visit.

From the CTP Innovation Center we connect to students in the region, because we believe that by introducing innovation from the ground up it will be possible to provide society with better futures.

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