Fera College students visit Cilla Tech Park


This Wednesday, 6th, the elementary students of Colégio Fera made a visit to Cilla Tech Park.

During the visit, the students were able to learn more about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. They had the experience of presenting a pitch, which is a short presentation with the objective of arousing the interest of the other party (investors or clients), and performed dynamics aligned with the subjects studied in class.

The Colégio Fera has the Empreeduca project, which, according to teacher João Gabriel Barbosa de Oliveira, integrates entrepreneurship and other subjects, showing the importance and the impact of entrepreneurship to elementary school students, and with this proposal they came to visit the park.

“It is very important what Cilla Tech Park does by receiving the students, it is a way to integrate what we see in the classroom, in practice,” says the teacher.

At the end, the students went for a walk along the trail located in the Cidade dos Lagos Planned Neighborhood, performing teamwork dynamics and connecting with nature.

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