Campo Real’s psychology students finish internship at Cilla Tech Park


Yesterday, 30, Isabela Maria Edling, Ana Laura Coutinho and Lucas Emanuel Rodrigues from the Psychology Course from Campo Real University Center finished the internship, held here in the park, for the subject Emphasis on Organizational Psychology, taught by professor Guilherme Almeida.

The trainees have accompanied the Cilla Tech Park team for the last four months, working on organizational psychology techniques that have the role of balancing productivity and quality of life inside the companies.

According to Isabela Maria Edling, it was their first contact with organizational psychology and it was a challenge, because in the park, we already work with an innovative look, which brings to the Organizational Culture a ‘lighter’ environment, developing independent talents with freedom and responsibility walking together. We believe that valuing the human being, empathy, discipline, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and an innovative outlook are indispensable factors in a competitive market.

“We found it difficult to find a demand because of the empathetic and welcoming work of the park. During the internship we understood this space and then we had the idea of reinforcing the good behavior that exists here and the relationship between employees and the company,” says Isabela.

The students then created the emotion board where the Cilla Tech Park staff can put how they are feeling during the day and write messages.

On the other side, by receiving the trainees, Cilla Tech Park sought to develop in them the ability to act with autonomy and innovation. Enabling the application of their talents and developing the skills that a leader must have for an effective people management.

The whole team at Cilla Tech Park is grateful for the exchange we were able to make during this period and we are always open for future projects.

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