Opening and Integrating Seminar of the Idea Fair


(image: Comunicação Unicentro)

The Cilla Tech Park team was present during the opening and integrating seminar of the Idea Fair at the Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste, Unicentro.

The fair is a program developed by the Technology Incubator of Guarapuava, Integ / Unicentro, which seeks to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by receiving innovative ideas. This year, there were more than 235 applicants who will go through all the stages of the fair, from ideation to prototyping and making it available in the market. Cilla Tech Park is one of the supporters of this initiative that will have the participation of the Director of the Innovation Center, Isabela Queiroz, in one of the workshops.

For the CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Geri Dutra, “it is important to support initiatives like this because with this kind of movement we demonstrate the importance of innovative entrepreneurship, so that young people want to participate in this reality and, with an action like this, they can be part of it. At the fair they will have a well-structured support and thus will be able to become great entrepreneurs”.

Present at the opening of the fair were the entrepreneur Renata Nizer, the coordinators of Novatec Agency, Cláudia Crisostimo and Maico Taras da Cunha, the Science and Technology coordinator of the General Superintendence of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Marcos Aurélio Pelegrina, the vice-rector of Unicentro, Ademir Fanfa Ribas, and the Secretary of Economic Development and Innovation and president of the Technology and Innovation Forum, Sávio Denardi, who talked about the importance of the fair and of this culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. They encouraged the students to apply for the following years as well, and presented how Guarapuava has grown in this innovative direction.

To close the event, the communication specialist, Kellen Kretschmer, gave a talk about self-knowledge, the importance of communication in all areas of life, and how to change your posture to innovate and become a successful person.

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(image: Comunicação Unicentro)

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