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By Ana Laura Becker Zierhut

The Tech Hour on March 5th focused on International Women’s Day. During the program, @krishlorenzo , @bruna.spitzner , @isa_jubs and @analaurabecker talked about the role and fight for women’s rights and safety. Important women who have made and are making history were pointed out.
Krishna, a Master’s student in Administration, talked about Luiza Helena Trajano, Magalu, a woman who is in charge of Magazine Luiza and seeks to develop technologically, but also thinks about the employees and collaborators to grow together. She also brought the story of Kathrine Switzer, who was the first woman to participate in the Boston Marathon, in 1967, when only men could participate in street races in the country. One of the judges tried to stop her from running and went to rip off her number, but with the support of her boyfriend and her coach she kept running and managed to complete the race.
Isabela, as an educator, brought Dorothy Vaughan, an American mathematician, who worked as a computer scientist at NASA and, in 1949, she was the first black woman to be promoted to department head.
Councilwoman Bruna, brought a parameter of women in politics, telling the story of Celina Guimarães Viana who was the first woman voter in Brazil and Latin America, who voted on April 5, 1928. Alzira Soriano who was the first woman elected mayor in Brazil. Antonieta de Barros who was the first black woman to be elected deputy in 1935, among other women who fought and opened space in politics.
The communications intern and journalism student, Ana Laura, brought the journalist, director, screenwriter, and mother Eliane Scardovelli, who seeks to bring women’s issues to the news, has a trilogy of reports on issues related to motherhood, wrote the script for Marielle, the documentary and Cercados, two award-winning documentaries.
In addition to the stories of these inspiring women, the hostesses gave tips on content on the topic:
Podcast: Bone Beach
Movies: King Richard and Hidden Figures

Cilla Tech Park wishes you a happy Women’s Day!

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