1st SmartCity Guarapuava will have a speech by the CEO of Cilla Tech Park


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This Friday, 28 the City Hall of Guarapuava, Center for Urban and Housing Planning of Guarapuava, (Cepluhg), Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation and Cidade dos Lagos hold the 1st SmartCity Guarapuava in the Cidade dos Lagos Events Center.

The event will feature speakers, debates and workshops with cases, innovative solutions and trends in technology applied to public management in smart cities. Smart cities are cities that use advanced technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens, optimize urban services, and reduce environmental impact.

The opening of the 1st Smart City is scheduled for 8:30am with a speech by Mayor Celso Góes. At 10am the CEO of Cilla Tech Park, Géri Dutra, will make the presentation “Cilla Tech Park – Providing Better Futures”, where he will tell about the role of the technology park and the actions being taken for the development of Guarapuava and region.

“It is an important event for the Innovation Ecosystem, where several local players will present their initiatives, the government will present its directions in terms of legislation and actions, and several entities will show relevant work in terms of smart cities,” says Géri Dutra.

The 1st SmartCity Guarapuava will be held this Friday, from 8am to 5:30pm, and registration is free via the link: https://www.sympla.com.br/evento/1-smartcity-guarapuava/1921812?lang=PT. For more information about the full schedule of the event, visit: geoguarapuava.com.br/smartcity/agenda.

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(Image: release)

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