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On Monday, 03, the architecture students from Faculdade Guarapuava and Centro Universitário Campo Real, had the opportunity to participate in a meetup made especially for them. The meetup was held at the Cilla Corporate Tower, where the future headquarters of Cilla Tech Park will be, in which two spaces will be designed by the students themselves.

The event opened with speeches by the Directors, General and Operations of Cilla Tech Park, Géri Dutra and Lorenzo Jr., who highlighted the work of the technology park, the importance of connecting students with innovation and entrepreneurship, and of understanding CTP as an ally to develop innovative ideas.

The directors also pointed out that for the construction of the headquarters, the academics should keep in mind the characteristics of an innovation environment, which are: to be a relaxing, motivating, wide space, without time control, sustainable, practical, and ergonomic. Innovation environments seek to provide more quality of life for all who frequent the space and also to be a place where creativity flows.

One of the guests to present was engineer Sérgio Buerger, responsible for the construction of the Cilla Corporate Tower and the Cidade dos Lagos Event Center. In his speech, he explained to the students how the construction process was, the concept and requirements of a corporate building, and talked about challenges and the solutions found to build the building on a terrain of great unevenness, keeping the structure smart and sustainable.

One of the requirements in the challenge of building two spaces of the new headquarters of Cilla Tech Park is that the partitions must be made of glass and the director of Mary Art, Lucas Bremm, brought some suggestions of tempered and laminated glass, presented to the students which are the best options for each space and assured them that he is open for them to ask questions throughout the project.
Both the challenge of creating the project for the spaces in the new headquarters and the meetup have the goal of bringing out the students’ creativity and strengthening Guarapuava’s innovation ecosystem, so that together we can create better futures.

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