Cilla Tech Park is Recognized by Law as a Municipal and State Public Utility


On Wednesday morning, 24th, the Sanction Ceremony of the Cilla Tech Park Municipal Public Utility Law was held at the City Hall. Several representatives of the institutions belonging to the innovation ecosystem of Guarapuava, leaders of the region, as well as the councilmen who unanimously approved the bill were present.

After the document was signed by Mayor Celso Góes, the author of the law, Councilwoman Bruna Spitzer, thanked everyone involved in the process to make this moment possible and stressed how important innovation is for society. “Innovation is not just making a robot, it’s what we do every day, with the resources we have,” she said.

The Public Utility Law makes it possible for the technology park to receive resources to carry out actions in favor of innovation and technology, this will benefit not only Guarapuava, but the entire region.
For the Chairman of the Board of Cilla Tech Park, Leonardo Mattos Leão, this simple act will bring great results for the region that develops more and more. “Cilla Tech Park as an environment that promotes innovation, generates resources, and boosts education will consolidate and sediment this great moment that Guarapuava has been going through,” he assured.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Odacir Antonelli, representative of the seat assigned to the Repinho Group in the Board of Directors of Cilla Tech Park, delivered to the mayor, who presented to the others, the document of the sanction of the law at state level. “The declaration of Public Utility by the State Law, sanctioned by the governor, allows us, in the State Government, from the Science and Technology portfolio, which is the portfolio that I occupy in this government, or from other Government initiatives directed to innovation, to also allocate resources for projects that are developed in Cilla Tech Park, directed to the development of innovation as the engine of development in this region,” declared the General Superintendent of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, Aldo Nelson Bona.


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